A new sushi & noodles bar at the center of the city with interior design and mood totally different and controversial in comparison with the typical Asian restaurants.

Utensils, such as a bamboo steamer, and basic sushi ingredients were our inspiration for the visual identity design. Green shades taken from the wasabi seaweed and bright white details were used for the total project.


Logo Design, Visual Identity


Crete, Greece

Naiv design Studio

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Naiv Design Studio based in Heraklion Crete, founded in 2020 by Nikoleta Vasilaki, a Graphic Designer and Creative Director from Greece with a wide experience in the field of design and visual identity.

We passionately looking always for new challenges and inspiring projects. By believing in our clients dreams, day-to-day brainstorming and original research, we bring visual identities to life through printed and digital implementations.