Top 10 EVOO

A project about the most famous product of Greece.

As time passes, olive oil becomes more famous among taste lovers and olive oil tasting a thrilling experience. We worked on this assignment following the main characteristics of the product itself, simplicity and clearness. Fine, bold typography elements and a color pallet that contrasts golden green shade of olive oil.


Olive Oil List Design


Crete, Greece

Naiv design Studio

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Naiv Design Studio based in Heraklion Crete, founded in 2020 by Nikoleta Vasilaki, a Graphic Designer and Creative Director from Greece with a wide experience in the field of design and visual identity.

We passionately looking always for new challenges and inspiring projects. By believing in our clients dreams, day-to-day brainstorming and original research, we bring visual identities to life through printed and digital implementations.