Apiculture products from a small, local producer of Crete. Processing techniques that respect nature and the valuable species of bee. Above all, the producer managed to understand the philosophy of everyday life of that unique insect and its perspectives.

With elements taken from the Greek language, we created the visual identity of MELANΔRON from the words «μέλι» (honey) + «άνδρον» (holy place / cave). Caves had always the reputation of being places of mystery, locations of spirits and shelters for precious species of the nature, such as the bees. Details taken from the shape of the main product that reminds a blazon, “seals” the uniqueness of the final products.


Visual Identity, Packaging Design



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Naiv Design Studio based in Heraklion Crete, founded in 2020 by Nikoleta Vasilaki, a Graphic Designer and Creative Director from Greece with a wide experience in the field of design and visual identity.

We passionately looking always for new challenges and inspiring projects. By believing in our clients dreams, day-to-day brainstorming and original research, we bring visual identities to life through printed and digital implementations.